T1000VF works together with micro collectivities seeking to achieve self-sufficiency,

with respect to local tradition.


Our role is to ensure that the projects we support stem from local needs and ideas. We match and offer our know-how and technologies with resource partners to improve local economy and environment with the micro collectivities and local partners as key actors of their own initiatives. Each project begins with an exit strategy in place for micro collectivities to reach self- sufficiency.

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We strive to work jointly and on equal ground with collectivities through unity, responsibility and ownership and with respect to tradition and environment. We value people and their ideas, future, and environment. T1000VF is present to listen and to meet local initiatives with guidance for self-sufficiency.

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At the core of all of our projects are local partners who are ready to fully invest in the development and self-sufficiency of their collectivity. We choose both local and resource partners who share the same goals, objectives, and values. Local traditions and environments must be respected and preserved to ensure that the partnered collectivity is the driving force and owner of our mutual initiatives.

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