Our Values

Partners and local initiatives are the core of T1000VF’s action.

The objective is to work jointly and on equal ground.



We believe that acting together on equal ground is the key to reach self-sufficiency. We promote participation from all members of collectivities and value their ideas and insight in order to make certain that their needs are being met. Every project design stems from our local partners. T1000VF unifies both local and global resources to address the identified requisites with continuous communication and adaptability in order to work together every step of the way.


Responsibility and ownership

We believe in people, actions and responsibilities. Collectivities must be empowered to execute, manage, and continue each project. We help “jump start” projects with insurance of our exit strategy enabling locals to take over with no further assistance from outside parties. Reaching self-sufficiency is not only a goal to reach but also a value which is at the core of our way of working. It is expected that the partners will contribute to all projects. This contribution may be in the form of a movable or immovable gift, a financial contribution, or a service provided. The goal is to make certain that the local partner is fully engaged and committed to make the project sustainable.


Respecting Tradition - Protecting the environment

We work with local partners to ascertain that all activities are in accordance with community traditions and local government. All of our actions encompass the respect and the protection of the environment. Living in a clean, protected and beautiful environment has a positive impact on people’s life. Our goal is to make certain that both local and resource partners are doing everything possible to protect the collectivity’s future generations, both with the longevity of their culture and traditions as well as their environment.