Self Sufficiency

Our definition of Self Sufficiency

“Self-sufficiency” is the ability to support oneself. The objective is not to directly provide for the primary needs of partner populations, however, to assist them in setting up projects that will enable them to meet these needs themselves, thus achieving their self-sufficiency. The Foundation considers that the collectivities with which it is committed must, at the end of the collaboration, have access to an economic income, running water, energy, health, and education.

How We Work

Our role is to ensure that the projects we support stem from local needs and ideas. We initially conduct specific area research and work with established local partners and villagers to determine their needs and create a viable organizational infrastructure with the assistance of our various resources, depending on specific needs. Collectivities can benefit from functioning models to create their own platform for self-sufficiency with respect to local traditions and environment. Populations must take ownership of their project while we offer them our know-how, innovations, and support. This strategy can be then adopted and customized to serve as a blueprint for thousands of villages facing similar challenges.

Sharing Intelligence

In order to make sure our initiatives bring long-term effects, the 1000 Villages Foundation collaborates its efforts with villages, other foundations, and business partners by sharing mutual intelligence and technical competencies, training communities, and ultimately attaining self-sufficient micro collectivities. Our primary goal is not to merely fund projects, however, to ensure that projects are economically viable to provide self-sustainable, long-term, and locally managed activities.

Despite the availability of this set of expertise and technologies, T1000VF always favors local input and anchoring. Moreover, the technologies made available by T1000VF are always adapted to the local context to remain permanent tools.

T1000VF Structure

T1000VF maintain its autonomy by being completely auto financed with no liaison to project funding. Employees and management expenses are paid for by private investors and partners. This ensures that all internal expenses are kept manageable and to a minimum. We will also ensure that raised funds and donations are allocated to each individual project.


All foundation investments must be used directly and totally for each project and not for the foundation’s infrastructural costs. Each local project is treated as an independent economic entity. Funding is project specific and all money will be transparently allocated to the individual project. This helps build each project with its specific needs addressed, a definite exit strategy and independent continuity. This strategy provides for individualized project management and flexibility to adapt to local laws and implications. Independent projects are never financially linked to other foundation projects, therefore eliminating viability risks from one project to another.