T1000VF partners share the same goals, objectives and values

Local Partners

Our partnerships are based on the size of the target collectivity and not on specific nationalities. Thus, T1000VF works with micro-communities, namely groups of people, ranging from 50 to 800 inhabitants. These groupings can be constituted in a village, district or clearly defined entity.

Among the micro-collectivity, T1000VF establishes a direct partnership with a legitimate and legally recognized structure. These direct partners may be non-governmental organizations, other foundations, or companies that aim to set up projects for the benefit of a micro-collectivity. Project proposals must come from local partners with a platform based on joint action and the principle of equality. Our partners are at the heart of our activities and are carefully chosen to ascertain that we share the same goals, clearly identify mutual objectives and commit to the collectivity with the same values for a sustainable venture.

Resource Partners

T1000VF works with a variety of organizations that are willing to share know-how, local and or global resources and technologies for the sole purpose of helping micro collectivities achieve sustainability. Our resource partners range from businesses providing alternative energies, local agricultural experts and entrepreneurs, international and local banks to help provide financial support, and technology experts for local advancement. Each project requires varied resources and we choose to work solely with partners who commit to local projects with mutually shared values, goals, and objectives.